Problems with Red Dead Online and error code 0x99580023

The first and not unimportant, these are problems with entering the mission, very often, some of my friends are uploaded to the mission, and I or someone else from the squadron fly out, receiving the error code 0x99580023. Not comfortable, my friend tried to persuade me to take this game right now for a very long time, but in the end, no pleasure.

The second problem is that it is not clear for what reason, the storyline task disappeared from the map, and does not appear. Whatever reputation is, whatever quests I do, nothing affects the appearance of the mission. On the map, only missions of strangers are displayed, well, or people who simply offer side missions, posters (which I cannot perform due to the lack of a bounty hunter license), and just events like races and shootouts. Please tell me how to fix the error, and what should I do to make the continuation of the plot appear online, after all, I didn’t just buy the game to complete only side quests. Thanks.

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