Profile error in Microsoft Edge

There is some strange profile error in my Microsoft Edge. The message says: “Profile Error: Some features may not be available. Something went wrong”. Any guesses what could be the matter?


Hello! A similar error began to appear first of all for those who use the insider version of Microsoft Edge. All due to the fact that the company disabled some DNS providers, which negatively affected performance. Switching to the stable version solved the problem for many. If you still have an error after changing the browser version, then try the following:

  • Delete web data. To do this, press Win + R, enter %LocalAppData% and click OK. We go through the remaining folders to the final location – C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default. Delete the file called Web Data.
  • Create a new profile in the browser. You can try deleting and creating a new user. If you want to keep the actant settings, you must first export the data. Deletion takes place on the edge://settings/people tab, and then the browser itself will offer to create a profile.
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