PS5 CE-112840-6 Error – How to Fix?

CE-112840-6 error appeared when I was trying to buy some games from PSN for my PS5. Later that day I tried to download already bought games, but I couldn’t because of the said error. Any advice? That’s really weird, ’cause a couple days ago everything was fine and dandy.


CE-112840-6 error appears on PS5 usually during an extreme overload of PSN. As a result of this overload the console owner cannot buy or download already purchased games from Sony’s servers. In some cases, the CE-112840-6 error can also occur due to malfunctions or maintenance of PSN.

You can find a lot of tips on the web on the subject: reconstructing the database, changing DNS, rebooting your router, etc. Of course, those can help if the source of the error is on the side of the console owner, but most often… you need just to wait. We recommend you to wait for the moment when PSN will be less busy, and the problem will be solved by itself.

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