My PS5 is Very Loud – What Should I Do?

My PS5 is making a lot of noise. I’m quite new to all this console stuff (I just bought it a couple of weeks ago), so I don’t know if it’s normal or if there’s something wrong with it. Please tell me: should my PS5 make any noise at all when it’s running? Should I be worried?


PS5 can be loud – and that is quite normal. A little noise means that the console has been subjected to a load and it started cooling. You should only worry if the noise is really loud or if, for example, the air coming from the radiator is intolerably hot.

Both indicate either a high concentration of dust or a problem with the cooling system. Clearing dust from PS5 is not difficult: you need a screwdriver and a brush. In the case of a cooling failure… well, we hope you still have your warranty.

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