PvP showdown modes

I wonder why Rockstar has chosen to put together some game modes that not really belong together, for me and many of my teammates it seems very strange that R* have chosen to add a mode like “Make it count” among the modes in the Showdown series.

As a part of a PvP player team I would like to be able to choose which game mode I want to play.

It’s disappointing that we have to play the ultra-slow paced ‘Make it Count’ battle royal and face off against our crew in ‘Most Wanted’ just so we get to play as a team for one’ Spoils of War ‘match.                                                                                          Please allow the different PvP showdown modes so that they are easily accessible at least while still in BETA please consider separate them into relevant lobbies as follows :

v  Battle Royal Mode – Make It Count, Gun Rush.

v  Points System Mode – Most Wanted, Name Your Weapon

v  Team Objective Mode – Spoils of War, Hostile Territory and Team Shootout

By setting up the modes in categories in the way we suggest, everyone’s playstyle will be attended.

What is important to understand is that not everyone wants to play all the different modes in both the Showdowns and the Large Showdown series, for us PVP players there are primarily team-based modes that are relevant to play.

The success R* had regarding the PVP modes in the previous RDR led them to keep players for many years.

Remember that not all players are Freeroamers.


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