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“Question, Comments and a Statement for R* “

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When are we getting private servers for Red Dead Online?
I ask because I am tired of PvP.  I hate PvP with every fiber of my being… and yet I have to deal with PvP on RDO.  I’d like to play with my friends on RDO but they, too, don’t like PvP.  Defense mode does nothing.  As of this moment, I am done with RDO.  I will not return until I have a way to play with my friends.
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  1. my bad, I clicked a link from Google, it brought me to this page and I didn’t see that I posted on the wrong page until after I posted… maybe if R* made it easier for its customers to contact them, this wouldn’t happen.

    I’d be happy to post this where it is suppose to go, if R* would be kind enough to make it easier.

    Please ensure that all questions and comments posted in the Support Community area are on-topic. On-topic means that questions must relate to a technical problem or support-related issue. Off-topic general feedback (whether positive or negative), or comments unrelated to Support, may be removed.
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