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R* refund on reset of Daily challenges

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Today they gave me 5 gold bars.  I had a streak of 50 or more days.  I lost all the multipliers and several challenges and they only gave me 5.  I guess I need to sit down and calculate it, but it is way more than 5,  LOL

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  1. Why do my daily challenges keep resetting I’ve been trying to build a streak

    I want some gold bars because my daily challenge has been reset multiple times and I’ve logged in everyday it’s a joke where’s your support R*


    I haven’t been on rdr2 for several months and I never got to do Daily challenges and I just purchased a bounty license’s for 15 gold 3 days ago and now I found out I didn’t have to is there anyway to get the gold for the stuff I missed out on in daily challenge’s and get my gold back from the bounty role and all of the roles we have to pay 15 gold bars for to play it


    I should have received around 50.  I continue to lose every day until I get back up to my 28 day streak.

    They claim it is settled and 5 is all I am getting.

    I have continued to fight it.

    I guess I will have to start a Youtube channel to get what I am owed.

    The decision of only 5 is ethically and morally wrong!!

    Seems you cant even make a ticket for it now i cant find where to make one keeps trying to make me choose all these other preset options and no option just to write one

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