R* refund on reset of Daily challenges

Today they gave me 5 gold bars.  I had a streak of 50 or more days.  I lost all the multipliers and several challenges and they only gave me 5.  I guess I need to sit down and calculate it, but it is way more than 5,  LOL

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Why do my daily challenges keep resetting I’ve been trying to build a streak ===================================== I want some gold bars because my daily challenge has been reset multiple times and I’ve logged in everyday it’s a joke where’s your support R* ========================================== I haven’t been on rdr2 for several months and I never got to do Daily challenges and I just purchased a bounty license’s for 15 gold 3 days ago and now I found out I didn’t have to is there anyway to get the gold for the stuff I missed out on in daily challenge’s and get my… Read more »