RD Online Is A Joke

RD Online is a joke. It’s bad enough the Ultimate Edition players got on two days before and they have a lot of free weapons unlocked. By the time the rest of us can get on they are already ranked-up a lot higher than us and them and some other players keep on stalking and following me and messing things up for me.

Also where’s the Log to find out what I have to do? I wonder why I have a catalogue when it’s no good to me when I’m not at the store. I started a mission at Blackwater and it mentioned something about seeing the sheriff. Where is he? He’s not marked on the map. Then I went to do the Stranger mission and he said something about me taking a wagon to Thieves Landing.  Where do I go for this mission? There’s nothing marked on the map. Where’s the story mission? The whole thing is stupid. It’s bad enough with people trolling me and messing things up for me but at least the game would let me know what I’m doing.

Another thing. I wonder why is it when we save our game we still have our raw meat but our skins are gone? To be honest this RD Online is garbage. Also it needs a Private Free Roam so we can get away from the trollers at least.  With somebody on their own like me that have just started with garbage weapons and garbage ammo and a slow horse with a short health core, how am I supposed to fight off any Ultimate Edition players when they are using much better weapons that are fully maxed out with Express ammo while riding a fast horse while those players’ health core is maxed out. Players like me that have just started are one big sitting duck that won’t stand a chance. Also when those others keep on snipping weaker players across the fields and we can’t snipe them back.

Also where are the story missions in RD Online?

This RD Online is very unfair and garbage so far. I know it’s only a Beta but it needs a lot more work done on it.

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