RD Online Is A Joke

RD Online is a joke. It’s bad enough the Ultimate Edition players got on two days before and they have a lot of free weapons unlocked. By the time the rest of us can get on they are already ranked-up a lot higher than us and them and some other players keep on stalking and following me and messing things up for me.

Also where’s the Log to find out what I have to do? I wonder why I have a catalogue when it’s no good to me when I’m not at the store. I started a mission at Blackwater and it mentioned something about seeing the sheriff. Where is he? He’s not marked on the map. Then I went to do the Stranger mission and he said something about me taking a wagon to Thieves Landing.  Where do I go for this mission? There’s nothing marked on the map. Where’s the story mission? The whole thing is stupid. It’s bad enough with people trolling me and messing things up for me but at least the game would let me know what I’m doing.

Another thing. I wonder why is it when we save our game we still have our raw meat but our skins are gone? To be honest this RD Online is garbage. Also it needs a Private Free Roam so we can get away from the trollers at least.  With somebody on their own like me that have just started with garbage weapons and garbage ammo and a slow horse with a short health core, how am I supposed to fight off any Ultimate Edition players when they are using much better weapons that are fully maxed out with Express ammo while riding a fast horse while those players’ health core is maxed out. Players like me that have just started are one big sitting duck that won’t stand a chance. Also when those others keep on snipping weaker players across the fields and we can’t snipe them back.

Also where are the story missions in RD Online?

This RD Online is very unfair and garbage so far. I know it’s only a Beta but it needs a lot more work done on it.

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its just a game. atm the ps4 crashing alot. we cant even farm after everyone got access.  cant see where you want to go with your topic.. learn the game as everyone else. some day you might become that guy who got everyhing in rd2


its called EARLY ACCESS for those who bought the Ultimate Edition. ..if u know its only a beta why complain about it. and keep replying your own topic.i got the ultimate edition on ps4. im using the same rifle as i got even i started. its much better. ..maybe you should try another game u dont like how the game is ATM.oh ah modders are also on ps4. just report them. and they will get a ban.


Yes I played GTA Online and I made mega millions. Also the modders and the fighter jet fanboys ruined that where they kept nuking people and the same people over and over again.
Learn to defend myself? Are you serious? How can I defend myself with a garbage revolver or rifle with regular ammo when an Ultimate Edition player is using a much better weapon maxed out with Express ammo?  I’d love to see you try that. Mostly when you’re being chased down on a slow horse when somebody is chasing you with their fast horse and when you’re out in the open with somebody sniping you when you can’t snipe back.
The reason why a lot of higher rank players beat up on lower rank players is because they are either ignorant or cowards. Just like in GTA Online when  two people kept killing me. One driving about while his buddy kept shooting me with the mounted MG and I never got a chance to get in my car and they kept doing it over and over again. I can just see what will happen if the war wagon comes to RD Online.
I can’t speak for the PS 4 but there are modders on the Xbox One.


They are not going to separate players that bought different editions. They paid for those advantages so they should be able to use them against anyone.

This is RDR 2 where fair fights don’t exist.

I’m getting this feeling that you never played GTA 5 as you would have gone nuts with the advantages people had by paying for it.

Regardless, that’s not going to change. Either learn to defend yourself or wait until the full version comes out and hide in private lobbies as higher ranked players will always beat up on lower rank players. It’s been that way since forever and it’s not going to be any different in RDR 2.

Finally, as of this moment, there are not any modders on PS4 or Xbox 1 so until cheaters learn how to jailbreak those consoles and be able to use them online, you have nothing to fear outside of people exploiting glitches which every game ever has had.

I know the Ultimate Edition players get that. That is what makes it unfair for other players like me that couldn’t afford the Ultimate Edition. Video games are getting more and more expensive and to buy RDR 2: The Ultimate Edition for £89.99 is a joke. Soon games will be over one hundred. I wonder why the game doesn’t have those extra benefits as DLC’s for Regular Edition players to buy later when they can afford to buy them. Or I wonder why the game never came out as the same edition and people can choose to buy extra stuff that they want from the store to get it when they can afford it. Then that will make things fair for everyone. You and others have to realize not everyone can fork out on a lot of money on a video game. I was lucky to afford the Regular Edition.
two7offsuitisbak:Ultimate Edition players PAID more to get those perks. If you wanted to get on sooner along with the other benefits, you should have bought the Ultimate Edition.


I knew that there were going to be microtransactions so why would I be upset.

It’s not as though this was a new concept.

They were a huge hit for R* in GTA 5 online and there wasn’t any way they weren’t going to have them in RDR 2.

All games are going this rout and it’s not going to slow down. You can either enjoy the game for what you can afford or not play. There are some games I don’t bother with as there is no way I could enjoy them without putting more money in.

I know I can still play RDR 2 without having to spend an extra dime. Plus, many that fork out a ton of cash in the form of shark cards or the RDR 2 equivalent are generally bad at the game anyway so it’s not as much of an advantage as people make it out to be.