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RDOnline bugged on Rockstar Laucher but not on Steam, help?

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I’ve bought RDR2 – Ultimate Edition on Steam when it was available for pre order. And when, if I really like a game I usually buy every DLC available for the game as an small act to support the developers. But since RDR2 doesn’t have any purchaseable DLC (I will never spend my money on gold when I could just grind it.), so I just bought RDR2 again but now the Standard Edition while it’s on sale directly from Rockstar Games Laucher. Now, the problem is whenever I launch the game directly from RGL my game is weirdly bugged. The game runs just fine on Steam but on RGL I couldn’t accept any activity like bounty hunting, trading or like running through a fence like there’s nothing, all my stuff at the camp are gone including that old man Cripps (except the bonfire, my husky, and my tent), & plenty more bugs.

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