Rdr 2 online feeback from actual longtime players of your games

We need passive mode.
In gta most of us would rather hit find new session for 45 minutes to get a good lobby without people trying to kill you every 5 seconds.
You can be lassoed in camp with the white flag up.

You spawn Into online with the horse you did the setup with, then you have to drive 15 minutes into a town with a stable to get your actual horse. Say u do a wagon mission. You complete the mission and you have to steal a horse and drive again back to town to get your actual horse again, or the setup horse is there and u have to drive back anyway to get your horse.

There needs to be a way to get into a lobby where your not worried about getting murdered while doing your own thing. Today I got fed up with being shot at all the time, and I’m not sure I’ll be returning to online unless something is changed. Which is sad for the consumers like me who paid 100 for this game and can really only enjoy half of it. And honestly it feels like were being cheated by all the things wrong with the GTA online experience.

I’m sure I mentioned it but getting shot at all the time is why we found  ways around having to hang out with the general public. You know just buying g that 2 million dollar car you grinded 100 hours to afford, getting blown up at every stop light.

I’m sure theres a few things I’ve missed that I have posted on your fb page , or have seen posted on your fb page. That you probably won’t read or reply too.

So I’m asking everyone else out there to post up there concerns with rdr2 online before things get outta hand and u loose alot of loyal players to things that might be fixed semi easily. I’ll check back to see if R× or the community responds to this thread.

Thank you for reading

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