RDR2 Bugs and Red Dead Online Feedback Website Broken

Updated list of bugs pushing droves of players away from Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar that need urgent attention in order to maintain player base.

Although support forums get no attention from actual developer employees and are mainly left unattended, players are hard pressed to find support in the vacuum. Yet, it’s still just a place for each of us to complain with the same lament, “I have the same issue”, but never find actual help.

Nonetheless, please keep this list updated.

1) Can no longer lasso bounties lying-on-the-ground successfully
2) Can no longer turn in a bounty mission with a lasso’d bounty (no yellow destination highlighted)
3) Can no longer use pocket watch while mounted on one’s horse
4) The Knightly facial hair (and probably others) have a hideous transparency problem


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