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RDR2 hack/glitch found

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Hey there i’m posting this here because i couldn’t find any rockstar customer support email address. I am posting this in relation that there is some sort of bug that’s also a money exploit that can happen at random, i was just doing my daily quest when my horse bugged through and jumped beneath the terrain and suddenly i got transported into valentine alongside my horse and 3 other people. The place i was transported in is a closed interior (meaning nothing can get out once it’s in) alongside 3 chests, once i got my head around where i am i saw that the other people were going through chests and i was like well since im here i might loot the place so i tried looting the three chests and for some reason it gave me a shid ton of gold and money. I only took enough gold so that i can buy a butcher’s table and a bounty hunting license since i’ve been trying since forever tod do this. I have attached below 2 images of how the room looks. Rockstar if you see this please don’t ban me, if you want you can take back the money i took.

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p.s. so i posted this on reddit too so what i found out from there was that a hacker most likely tried to summon me so that he could mask his actions

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  1. When you notice unusual activity around you.  I had to leave rdr2 online!

    You were just sitting. And it looks like a cinema.

    No man will give you a ban. If the system detects cheats. Then you get banned.

    Honestly that doesn’t sound as bad as i envisioned and I’m pretty ok with that, granted i would prefer to just pay and keep all my stuff but if it’s just a month i have no problems with waiting and just getting back my progress by buying a gold pack. As long as i don’t loose my game/account or any dlc/bonuses that came with the package when i bought it i’m… golden *ba dum tss*

    It’s the same thing. The first ban is for 30 days and your account is reset as though you have never played before.

    $70 is the most you’ve ever paid for a video game? Have you not bought a video in the last ten years? Hell, I got the ultimate edition of RDR2 for $100. Looks like you are getting your money’s worth of excitement not knowing when the ban hammer could drop on you.

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