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RDR2 online and rock star support problems

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So after the update on Tuesday I though the days of stranger missions glitching out on me were over. For the first day that was true however, that was not the case for long as now I can’t do any stranger missions at all as they all just have the accept option shaded out, on top of now my game blue screening every 15-20 mins after the game has been started. I’ve tried restarting the game, shutting off the ps4, restarting my internet router. This has been going on for over a day now. Nothing has worked. Tried submitting a ticket to rock star support, but it keeps saying I don’t have a field filled out and failed to send ticket. I just want to play the game I paid for….

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  1. No npc
    No animals
    Horses with Coach running alone with no npc driving
    Not possible to play stranger missions
    I suggest you guys to go to Valentine next to the train station and enjoy the vue…
    Calling my horses take a long time

    If you see others bugs feel free to complete the list below.

    I’m watching a live stream right now and the streamer don’t seems to have all these issues

    Rockstar do something quickly cause it can’t stay like that no longer.
    ERROR 0x20010006 still after the 1.09 update.  I can’t play any stranger missions, story missions.  Fix your broken ass game. ROCKSTAR you have the financial means and man power to fix your broken ass game.  This is at 5/18/19 @ 2:27pm… This ***ing bull***.. I have a 300mpbs internet and my ps4 runs at over 100mbps wired connections. Fix your ***!!! I can’t submit ticket either.

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