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RDR2 Online matchmaking has never worked for me always times out

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I’m a new player, I did the tutorial, i’m in freeroam, and they’re telling me to go talk to the sherrifs to continue the “online story missions” so I did.

When entering matchmaking for example the tumbleweed sherrif mssion, it says “you are currently in matchmaking. Press B to cancel this.”, then after waiting several minutes it says “matchmaking failed to find a session within the time limit, please try again” I can’t play what is going on? Is PC online matchmaking down? I’ve entered matchmaking 30+ times now.

Also another note, I sometimes get freeroam invites, but when I accept the counter counts down, and then it says there’s not enough players.

Is it possible I’m able to get online and access somethings because I can do stranger missions, and buy things in the catalog, but I can’t seem to be matched with players. Could this be a firewall thing? I made sure RDR2 was whitelisted.

Is anyone else having this issue? It’s been happening for 3 days now since I got RDR2 PC and basically I can’t play if I never get matched with anyone rendering the game broken.

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  1. this has only happend with one mission for me and when I tried it an hour later I had no problems :/

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