Ready or Not crashing – how to fix?

Ready or Not crashing occur both in the lobby, and during the game itself, but only after about an hour and a half ( I didn’t time it). Someone on the forums Steam recommended that I run the game from the administrator – I did so, but nothing has changed. Folks, who also play, share some tips on the topic.


Ready or Not crashing for many Steam players. After all, the game is still in early access, so crashes, poor performance and all sorts of bugs are quite expected.

As for crashes, we have a couple of tips on this topic:

  • clear mod data in the game’s launcher options (the very last item);
  • check the integrity of the game files through Steam;
  • completely reinstall the game through the library;
  • be sure to install the most current video drivers.

Unfortunately, this is all we can advise on the problem. Ready or Not will surely get better and more stable with new updates from the developers.

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