Red Cores/ Malnourished Horse

1 of my 5 horses which is the (female) black arabian keeps getting the red cores/ malnourished bug.

I put the arabian in the stable (after making sure it’s well fed, fit and clean after first purchasing the gold cores care package in the stable and then feeding it up for like 3+ real life hours) to then swap for another horse.

Then after riding my other horse for 20 to 30 minutes I check the stable menu pressing right on the d-pad and the arabian shows having low cores again.

Then when I physically go into the stable to check  the arabian’s cores they show as red and when I get the arabian back out the stable again and check the stats it shows as malnourished.

There is no way of fixing this issue cause no matter what I do and no matter how much I feed her.. as soon as I swap the arabian out she always gets the red cores/ malnourished again.

I spent gold on that horse seeing as that’s the only way of getting it and it ain’t working..

Also I’ve spent alot of dollars on stable spots and stable upkeep

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