Red Dead 2 Online Character Transfer

Does anybody know if Rockstar is going to allow players to transfer saves across systems? I would like to transfer from Xbone to PC because that will be a big decision on which version of red dead 2 I pick up, as I already own the 100$ edition on Xbone.

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I’m having the same issue and put in a ticket for it but have had no response from rockstar

it could be the glitch exploiters, like the duplication glitches, or, the private lobby glitches, cause those slow the servers down, or kick you, so this might be why.

i wonder if its because the duplication glitches, or , the single lobby glitches, or maybe even too many things going on at once, like too many animals and gang memebers dying and respawing, plus the 36  players, lagging the game, and it could also be the greifer updates, cause, it slows the server down updating for a update like that, when, they could just solve all this with private lobbys

I am having the same issue hopefully this *** gets taken care of soon