Red dead online bugs

All you have to do is read my title I’m so sick of this buggy game we’ve had the same problems since release that have said to have been fixed but never did , my horse is always stuck, the fast travel is never there, I get stuck in loading screens constantly, horseback steering is god awful And just the controls in general are so finicky it’s unreal like can I not get stuck between two boxes that aren’t even that close together? (On and off my horse) it’s going to be going on two years with all these ongoing problems and all rockstar is doing is adding more content, saying they fixed something and don’t, and even the new content is buggy as all hell. It’s sad rockstar you guys are forgetting all about a semi new game because you guys are more focused on making content for gta 5 from 7 years ago or the new gta that not even out yet which will probably bomb if it’s anything like red dead turned out we get it you guys don’t want to let go of gta it’s your greatest achievement but I’m pretty sure people will stop buying broken games

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in Red Dead Online the camp still disappears all the time.  One minute it’s there, I go out collecting animal skins and carcasses in the wagon, go back to the camp, still shown on the map, but it’s not there, can’t respawn it without logging out and in again, and then I lose all the skins.

Very frustrating.  If the developers are unable to correct this issue then at least make it so that whatever is on your horse or in your wagon remains when you relog, so at least you can retain the stuff you have collected.

It’s not as if this is a new problem.

I’m a carpenter by trade, and if I was working round the one of the developers houses and I kept hanging doors upside down or the skirting boards kept falling off, they would demand their money back or expect a proper job, and quite rightly so.  Please have the same courtesy to the people that paid for this game.
This is happening , I can’t believe their adding new clothing content and can’t fix there game , a triple A game like this €69.99 to get this . I’m sorry feel like I have been robbed . I’m really trying to enjoy this game , server disconnects constantly, camp disappearing , never ending loading screens , no animals spawning . What is going on at Rockstar. Why can’t they limit players in server and might make better ! Fix this game I’m on thin ice. It’s funny though no problem buying from the store ever .

I’m just starting to give up on this game.

My camp and simply disappeared – keep paying $2 to relocate and it simply neve appears.

All the animals are just not there – the Trader role is pointless.

I loaded up this morning and I was in a posse and in the middle of a mission???? I’ve NEVER joined a posse – god knows whats going on.

Xbox One.

For the amount of cash you have gained just through initial sales, its very disappointing to see an online game that is just SO UNPLAYABLE.
================================Last and final comment is just an observation take it how you want it but in this time span of gta 5s life when it was first made, rockstar found a way to get rid of hackers and glitches and bugs and established a great game with a decent amount of content by a year and a half or two after release, red dead is so much forgotten about that rockstar is already planning on releasing the trailer to gta 6 already when red dead isn’t even out of beta yet . I’m not bashing gta I loved it and always have it was my favorite until they brought back red dead and we get *** on a platter handed to us sorry