Red dead Online character Been deleted

Just wondering if anyone has any insight on this. Upon logging onto the story side of red dead I noticed that the auto save function text was changed to Russian and was asking me to auto save I clicked No. However not long after I went to go log onto my online character which has a good amount progress and money on it. I noticed once i logged on my previous character has been deleted and replace by some Russian name with a fresh character.  Although all my money is still there and gold bars just none of the items guns etc etc. Since this is the first time this has happened to me just wondering any chance Rockstar support could undo the deletion  or anyone else managed to get restore back on there character

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Sounds like someone gained access to your account and did this and there’s nothing R* is going to do about it. Per the ToS and EULA that you agreed to, YOU are responsible for the safety and security of your account and ALL activity that occurs on your account. My guess you have your information to some modder to give your rank, cash, and gold and they tried to keep your account or just wanted to be a jerk.


Well that sucks. But not sure what gave you the impression that I gave a hacker/Modder my account information to give me gold and cash since the amount of gold bars and cash was  pretty much left in the state from when I pre ordered the game… suppose I might have some luck in a web ticket to  see what they say seems unfair if that’s the case.

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