Red Dead Online Twitch Prime Bounty Hunter License

I have yet to receive my bounty hunter license from the twitch prime reward, it has been over the 10 day waiting period, I have seen that other people have also had this problem and would like to get it resolved. Thank you for you time anyone reading including rockstar support, I understand that issues can come about with these sort of things  but if there is anything you can do I would appreciate it.

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yes submit a ticket not by email but by chat chat ticket they will refund bounty license purchase I purchased mine and they gave me my 10 gold bars back I had to tell them 3 times during the chat though before they did but it worked for me and yes I never got my twitch prime benefits either huh rockstar ================================= I would also appreciate an answer for this as I do not have even close to enough to buy the bounty hunter license and I was supposed to get it from the twitch prime thing. Hope this thing… Read more »