Red dead Redemption 2: failed to initialize graphics device

I just bought game Red Dead Redemption 2 and every time I load launcher it gives me ” failed to initialize graphics device” well unsure why as my specs are plentyso is this a known issue and what is the work around and YES I have updated my graphics drivers (which were uptodate)

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For some reason I had TWO graphics cards running even though I thought I only had my invidia. There was an Intel one set in my display 1 slot. I set it to only use my invidia card and then that error stopped popping up. Hopefully this helps someone =============================== I got it to work. Even though my graphics card drivers told be they were up-todat , through device manager, i updated them anyway and THE GAME worked ================================ I have the exact same issue,” failed to initialize graphics device” when trying to launch. I know for a fact that my… Read more »