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Rockstar wiped my account (No chip glitch)

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10 days ago my account got wiped and it was the last time I got a response from rockstar.
This was because I couldn’t buy the arena war workshop and that was the only fix (or so they said).

They told me I was going to get my rp and GTAs back but only the rp arrived.

I made another ticket and they won’t respond.
I twitted them and won’t respond.

Never heard a case like this before.

All my GTAs were legitimate and I can prove it.

What should I do ? Wait more ? Seems kinda stupid to wait more since I know they read my requests and the fix is pretty easy.

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  1. open tickets and tickets and tickets, i had an similar incident. Long way but Rockstar Support will help you if all was legit and u will get it back. But it take some time and a lot of tickets.

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  2. 1. I’m on pc
    2. ROCKSTAR SUPPORT WIPED IT. With MY permission because when I tried to buy the arena war workshop a sign keep. coming that said Invalid price tag, this is a glitch that tells the game I have the workshop even though I don’t.

    Rockstar told me the only solution was to wipe out my ac*** but my gtas will get restored.

    3. This was 10 days ago, way before they were cleabing accounts

    4. All my gtas where legitimate

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  3. massiveManuel, that is really impossible your account get wiped without  Casino Chip glitch. But you got caught broke Rockstar’s rules anyway… have fun starting over.

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  4. You demand? LOL! You are in no position to demand anything. You cheated, and now you get to start all over, or better yet, don’t play anymore.

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