Rockstar wiped my account (No chip glitch)

10 days ago my account got wiped and it was the last time I got a response from rockstar.
This was because I couldn’t buy the arena war workshop and that was the only fix (or so they said).

They told me I was going to get my rp and GTAs back but only the rp arrived.

I made another ticket and they won’t respond.
I twitted them and won’t respond.

Never heard a case like this before.

All my GTAs were legitimate and I can prove it.

What should I do ? Wait more ? Seems kinda stupid to wait more since I know they read my requests and the fix is pretty easy.

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You demand? LOL! You are in no position to demand anything. You cheated, and now you get to start all over, or better yet, don’t play anymore.


massiveManuel, that is really impossible your account get wiped without  Casino Chip glitch. But you got caught broke Rockstar’s rules anyway… have fun starting over.


1. I’m on pc
2. ROCKSTAR SUPPORT WIPED IT. With MY permission because when I tried to buy the arena war workshop a sign keep. coming that said Invalid price tag, this is a glitch that tells the game I have the workshop even though I don’t.

Rockstar told me the only solution was to wipe out my ac*** but my gtas will get restored.

3. This was 10 days ago, way before they were cleabing accounts

4. All my gtas where legitimate


open tickets and tickets and tickets, i had an similar incident. Long way but Rockstar Support will help you if all was legit and u will get it back. But it take some time and a lot of tickets.



Finally someone giving me a ***ing advice.

Can you tell me more about what hapenned to you?
I’ll make a ticket every 24 hours until they respond then

Thanks a lot!