Script Compilation Error Fix for The Witcher 3

I tried to play The Witcher 3, but I got a Script compilation error. I heard that the developers are going to release some kind of update for the game, related either to the TV series, or something else. In any case, GOG Galaxy downloaded something big, apparently the whole game was re-downloaded. I had a bunch of mods, I worked hard on it, and now the third Witcher doesn’t start. Their update broke everything, seriously! Guys, has anyone come across this script error?


Script compilation error started to appear everywhere across the globe in The Witcher 3 for players who used various modifications for the game. And the culprit is the patch 4.0, which made numerous changes to the game. From the visuals to the game balance – CD Projekt RED did a great job on the new update.

However, not all custom modifications are compatible with patch 4.0. So what to do? Install Unification Patch. This modification should fix any compilation errors and ensure stable work of the game with other mods.

If the Unification Patch for some reason does not work… We hate to disappoint you, but in that case you should delete all the mods that don’t work properly with the new update – till the modders release updated versions of their mods.

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