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Solo Session? Is there gonna…

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Is there gonna be solo session and invite only I cant stand playing online with other people when all they wanna do is kill others I just wanna earn money and do with my friends without people interfering that’s why I dont play gta online it takes the fun out of the game and it’s money I put in on the game a waste.

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  1. These players just need to go play fortnite or PUBG cause it’s really annoying in GTA and i guess it’ll be the same thing

    Yeeh the boats in centrum of  Saint Denis can Also be invisible so that Was like wtf.. Lool

    It’s still too early to tell honestly.

    When it’s the full release, I’ll make my judgment.

    Right now, I’m more concerned about the bugs that are happening online.


    There is a menu to form a permanent posse by pressing left directional, I never messed with it, I find gangs seem to always gang up on helpful players so they are annoying.

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