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Someone has hacked the game… causing very bad issues… needs a fix

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So while playing the game….

Incident 1 – I was somehow being chased by a invisible person who kept setting me on fire with fire bombs I think, I never saw the fire bomb, suddenly my toon’ just burst into flames and I was dead.  Once I respawned it happened again and again, so  quit for the time.

Incident  2 – My character was teleported to the top of some winter mountain range with many other players at the same time, I tried to move off, but somehow kept getting put back there without doing anything on my own.  This time I quit after it happened a second time, that time made my toon’ fall through the mountain into empty space, some clipping error.

Rockstar, for the love of goodness please fix the ease of which people can hack your program.  Also it would be great for those who you can verify have been doing this, to be banned from any and all of your products. I don’t understand why there isn’t a law to prosecute people who do this, maybe a $5000 fine or jail time would curb such abuses.
I really enjoy the game, but I will not support buying your products in the future if you cannot solve these issues.
Thank you for your time,

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  1. It has been the exact same situation. With EVERY game that Rockstar has released for more than 10 years. Where did you ever get the idea that Red Dead Online would be any different?

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