start Trader career bug

When i try to start the trader career, after read the crips letter the golden mission marker does not appear on any emporium on the map. so i can’t buy the table and start the career. I’ve try to restart 1000 times, tried to login directly by the trader button on the online menu, reload the campsite on various location and checked all the emporiums on the map, but nothing works for me. I have also tryed to buy the table directly on crips menu in the camp but is’nt there.

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I know this isn’t what you guys want to hear but my friend fixed it by deleting his character and starting a new one.  R* was cool enough to reimburse him the gold he spent on his broken character.


I thought  I was the only one who had this problem, it’s so irritating.


Any update to this? I am also not able to start the trader role.


Same issue, wish they would fix it so I could not only play the trader role, but also unlock trader specific things. and I’m far enough along that I dont want to create a new character and start over…