STATUS BREAKPOINT on Google Chrome – How to Fix?

Google Chrome periodically shows an error STATUS BREAKPOINT. Not every time, but when I go to some sites, it appears. I haven’t installed or uninstalled anything. I have 10 on my PC. What is the problem?


The STATUS BREAKPOINT error often occurs with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers when you visit some web-resource. Usually the cause of the error is an outdated browser version. To update Chrome you need to:

  • click on ••• in the right corner of the window and select Help→About Google Chrome browser;
  • wait for the new update to install;
  • restart the browser.

The Edge browser update process is done in much the same way:

  • click ••• in the right corner of the window;
  • select Help & Reviews→About Microsoft Edge;
  • wait for the update to install;
  • restart Edge.

If the browser update did not help to get rid of STATUS BREAKPOINT, we recommend:

  • install all pending updates for Windows 10;
  • disable or deactivate unnecessary browser extensions;
  • reinstall the browser completely (remember to make a backup);
  • try out a different browser.
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