How to Fix Stuttering in Dead Space Remake?

Dead Space Remake lags and stutters on my PC! As soon as I start to move through the level, I get some nasty stutterers. My PC is pretty fast: Ryzen 3600x and RTX 2070. At medium it should run without a hitch. What’s the issue?!


Lags, slowdowns, and stutterers are one of the main problems of Dead Space (2023). In any other case we would advise to wait for a patch, but the solution has been found!

To stop Dead Space stutterering, try this:

  • turn off motion blur in the game’s graphics settings;
  • go to the \Users\[Account Name]\Documents\Dead Space (2023)\cache folder;
  • delete everything in the cache folder;
  • start the game and don’t press any buttons.

Try to keep the game in this state as long as possible: after deleting the contents of the cache folder recompilation of the game shaders will begin. Warning! Do not to change any in-game settings! Otherwise the whole process will have to be repeated again.

Some users claims that this method helped them get rid of statters in Dead Space completely, while the others say the problem was solved only partially. Anyway we recommend you to use this method and see the results.

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