What to do with the error SU-41350-3 on PS4

When I tried to update my PS4, I got an error SU-41350-3. Frankly, I don’t quite understand what to do in such a case. Prior to that there were no problems, everything was updating as it should be. Not that I care much about these updates, but from what I understand, some games require a certain version of firmware. Does anyone have a solution? Maybe any of you have dealt with this code before?


Unfortunately, to fix the SU-41350-3 error, the player may have to perform a manual console update via a USB flash drive. However, first of all, we recommend you to try to update your console via a wired network connection, i.e. directly via cable, without a router.

Once connected to the network via cable, go to the PS4 notification area, select the update file, click the OPTIONS button on the controller and select uninstall. Run the console update again. Any progress? No? Then you need to install the fresh PS4 update manually via USB flash drive. Use the official guide from SONY.

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