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“Super” Upgrade Moonshiners

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Guys who still have the “excellent” new RDR? Like the endless black loading screens (it’s good that rockstar decided to add Malevich’s famous painting to the game!) Is a pleasure to look at this black color! I really liked the idea of ​​not being able to disband the units. Now that they don’t appear, these people have become my second family. Now that there are fewer animals, departures have become less offensive. After all, if you didn’t get an animal, then you didn’t lose anything with an error! Great!

Why come up with a complicated scheme, how to create a base in one place for several players, when you can do it all in one! You go out with a wagon, and you are already greeted with a salute from all the guns) Thank you RDR for the good work and the desire not to play computer games, I really wanted to) I love you R. And you ?

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