Thanks for helping hacker!! by suspended my account who doesn’t hack.

I played RDR2 online lately on PC since I haven’t play it for awhile because of cheater,hacker. My level was only 30-40
Today I got an interesting email from rockstar says “my account has been suspended for 30 days and my character and everything will be reset!”, all I can say is WOW!!. Is it just because I was trying to kill one of your hacker and report him? – I was playing normally until a cheater somehow freeze my character and spawn cougars on me (recorded/reported)
– After that he jumped on me and start fighting  with me, kill me over and over- I realized he is on god mode so I record him again
– After I let him killed me for fun for over 10+ times he stopped and then I see my character is acting weird and I don’t know what he did to me so, I move to different server.
– Right when I joined a new server…… we all died from invisible grenade, only see the explosion over and over on your screen!!
– I’m tired to find a new server so, I quit playing for that day.
– Next day,,, my account got suspended and reset! GOOD JOB ROCKSTAR!!

FUNNY PART IS : the CHEATER still playable after I reported, I can see his name playing RDO right now while I got suspended!!. I’m done for this ***ty work! @ROCKSTAR


PS. English isn’t my first language, I’m trying my best to explain this ***! THANK YOU. ***STAR!

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I didn’t say you were a cheater and a liar simply because you are on PC. I am saying cheaters come here all the time and lie about cheating to try to weasel their way out of a ban. Also, PC is a modder cesspool.

The cheaters are one step ahead of them. Hard to ban modders if they can’t adequately detect them but R* but clearly something caught their attention with you.
 So you are saying that I’m a cheater and liar and I deserved this just because I’m on PC? OMG LOL.

All of R* games I bought are ultimate,, a lot of my $$$ are with them. What is the reason for me to hack the game? I’m not a teenager sir.

Just like you said R* games are paradise for modder but not for us who just want to enjoy the game. You are right about they don’t know how to stop it but, why they be able to stop normal people? Why they can suspended innocent but not the cheater who’s running cheating program on their background? Can you explain this instead of assuming that I’m a cheater.

*** Again, I’m not here to ask them to unban or anything. Who’s cares? Just wanted to know how and why? ***

At this point I don’t care about getting suspended/reset in RDO anymore, it kinda sucks anyways!
Another story of someone I know.He was hunting for a treasure chest following a treasure map. Right when he opened the chest and picked it up, he received a lot of money and gold. He didn’t know what is going on, he thought it was legit since he followed the treasure map. Next day he got suspended for 30 days **hacker spawned a treasure chest over the legit one, its trap to get innocent people in trouble. He figured it out after watching Youtube**

@Rockstar should do something to stop those hacker instead of banning innocent people, it doesn’t make sense at all why cheater still playable and setting treasure chest trap up all over the map where the legit one is, so innocent people who pick it up will get in trouble!!

First, is it okay for cheater? Why they are still around us after reported?
Second, I wouldn’t bother posting in here if I was involved in hacking the game. I also paid money out of my pocket for gold bar. I also remember how much money I had on its last day I played. It was less than 5 gold bars and less than 500 in money. Still riding beginner horse.

Oh yeah because it is says”all ban and suspended are final” thats what get me to here. Again cheater still playable and online right now.