Thanks for helping hacker!! by suspended my account who doesn’t hack.

I played RDR2 online lately on PC since I haven’t play it for awhile because of cheater,hacker. My level was only 30-40
Today I got an interesting email from rockstar says “my account has been suspended for 30 days and my character and everything will be reset!”, all I can say is WOW!!. Is it just because I was trying to kill one of your hacker and report him? – I was playing normally until a cheater somehow freeze my character and spawn cougars on me (recorded/reported)
– After that he jumped on me and start fighting  with me, kill me over and over- I realized he is on god mode so I record him again
– After I let him killed me for fun for over 10+ times he stopped and then I see my character is acting weird and I don’t know what he did to me so, I move to different server.
– Right when I joined a new server…… we all died from invisible grenade, only see the explosion over and over on your screen!!
– I’m tired to find a new server so, I quit playing for that day.
– Next day,,, my account got suspended and reset! GOOD JOB ROCKSTAR!!

FUNNY PART IS : the CHEATER still playable after I reported, I can see his name playing RDO right now while I got suspended!!. I’m done for this ***ty work! @ROCKSTAR


PS. English isn’t my first language, I’m trying my best to explain this ***! THANK YOU. ***STAR!

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I didn’t say you were a cheater and a liar simply because you are on PC. I am saying cheaters come here all the time and lie about cheating to try to weasel their way out of a ban. Also, PC is a modder cesspool. The cheaters are one step ahead of them. Hard to ban modders if they can’t adequately detect them but R* but clearly something caught their attention with you. ===================================  So you are saying that I’m a cheater and liar and I deserved this just because I’m on PC? OMG LOL. All of R* games I… Read more »