The Missions Are Possible To Host In A Secret Way

I joined my friend and his posse member and they were hosting that mission where you fight the guy with armor everytime I ever joined them. It was just him and his posse member, but when I join someone to my posse I can see no option to pick and start a mission for my posse to play but it literally screws it up so I cannot quick join a mission, apparently because of my posse member. How is it all of my ex-friends can host the same job everytime? They unfriend me when questioned as to how they start missions, what, you work for Fortnite? Jesus christ just tell me how to start a mission you stupid jerk

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I figured it out, you start a permanent posse, invite a player, press pause, go to Progress section, click on Story Mode, then hold square over the mission to replay it. It had been confusing because the player menu only contains Quick join mission.


Or they just stand there until everyone dies wondering why they just stand there or quit or die or both somehow.


You, know, other than Quick Join, where a ridiculously brand new player kicks you out immediately for no reason, I don’t know, your level is too high.