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The Save Data ‘Player’ is corrupted and cannot be loaded.

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My PlayStation, or game, was having major problems, it kept on crashing the game for no apparent reason, it didn’t lag at all, just crashed the game. It continued to do this for what seemed like every hour, I wasn’t too worried but, I reported the problem and restarted my PS4 each time. The game crashes immediately after I change my hat on my online character, now, whenever I load in, I get the ALERT message “The save data ‘Player’ is corrupted and cannot be loaded.” If this means that, because of my PlayStation crashing, I lost ALL my progress for Red Dead Online, I was only level 27, had over $1,100 and $30 in gold, but it still took me months, I have the Ultimate Edition of the game, so I was one of the people who got to play early, and if I have to restart online, I’m never playing again, I will sell this BS game and get one that doesn’t crash my system and make me loose months worth of ***ing progress.

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