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ticket #15402208

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This is about ticket #15402208 . I ordered PS4 version by mistake . I immediately cancelled . But received no notification on cancellation. I have NO answer on my immediate ticket . Please help , I just want to be able to play on PC , I do not have or want a PS4.

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  1. Actually no. They haven’t answered or closed either of my tickets. I will say that the refund went through for the second charge but that was through the company they use who takes the cash. Not them.

    They use to have a phone number, live chat, and email but too many people abused it. At this point you have no choice but to wait in line with your ticket. Continuing to make tickets about the same item can get you banned from posting future tickets.

    They need a phone number or live chat . Or maybe an email .

    I understand but they already are shipping the PS4 version . I canceled the order within 60 seconds of realizing my mistake !  All the while I get zero response from Rockstar . I tried twitter , Facebook , opened up several tickets  with zero response . All because this game is not on steam .

    Extra patience needed. They are very behind schedule due to this disaster of a launch. I have had a ticket out for 48 hours about being charged twice for one purchase of RDR2. Which, side-note, doesn’t work for me due to the crash.

    Just feels good to get any response at all . I put the cancellation within  60 seconds of realizing my mistake ? .

    R* does NOT respond here. This is a COMMUNITY forum where PLAYERS help players solve common issues. You must wait for R* to respond to your ticket and will be answered in the order received. So patience grasshopper.

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