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Trader Not Starting – FIX IT!!!

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I have had a couple of tickets open about this but none of them seem to get any attention other than cut and paste responses that are supposed to keep people happy. I am sick of it so I am bringing my issue here. I am 99.999% sure I bought it back in September ’19 when it came out. It has not shown up nor can I get it again.

I have done every trick and tip you can suggest and I have thought of to try to get the role to spawn. Just short of deleting my character –  I have deleted cache files, deleted temporary files, deleted and re-downloaded the game, read the letter countless times, set camp up near St. Denis countless times, I have login on a different Xbox. I have bought gold to see it that was an issue too.

To that point, I have logged into my sister’s character and the trader works just fine.

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  1. I play on ps4 and my free trader wont activate ive sent multiple tickets and rockstar has replied but everything they told me to try has failed its pissing me off ive exited the game  multiple times and setup a camp near san denis to many times and nothing is ***ing working

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