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Transfer of RDO info?

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Is Rockstar going to transfer data from PS4/XBOX Red Dead Online info to pc? I would really like to see that since a lot of people including myself work so hard on Red Dead Online.

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  1. Well, i changed my appearence for 10 gold a few days ago. On 21st of Spt i think. And so far it sticks to what i created, hope i wouldnt jinx it. But yeah, overall character creation was changed somehow and most of faces looks kind of bloaty so it takes time to do some good. Since Rockstar dont bother to answer in this kind of discussions i just hope that all this wouldnt *** up in some next sneaky patch. Other than that the game came a long way since start and i enjoy it alot now.


    Yes this is being widely reported, as many people are submitting tickets over this. Literally we just got the free character change , most did it and now they just ruined our characters faces so we have to spend 10 gold bars to fix them ? Even then the reports are saying they can not recreate what they just made.This issue needs to be fixed in a patch and put our characters back to how they were.

    I do hope they fix this ASAP because it’s truly annoying 🙁



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