Twitch Error Code 3000 When Watching Streams (FIXED)

Twitch Error 3000 keeps popping up when watching different streams on the platform. Until recently everything was fine, but now it’s impossible to watch any stream normally. Some kind of decoding error or something like that. The message says “Media Resource Decoding Error”. Has anyone encountered the same problem?


Twitch Error Code 3000 is extremely common for the popular streaming service. The code can be seen when you first enter the stream, as well as after prolonged viewing of the stream. Quite often the error occurs when switching the quality, for example, from 1080p to 480p.

Usually you can get rid of the error by doing the following on your PC:

  • restart the stream page;
  • restart the browser;
  • delete the cookie and browser cache;
  • deactivate browser hardware acceleration;
  • update the browser.

And do not forget that sometimes such errors occur because of not the most stable network connection.

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