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Twitch Prime rewards missing

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Hey, i bougth twitch Prime Just for the tasman outfit but they didnt give it to me, anyone can help me?, how can i send Rockstar This request?, anyone else have This problem?, please help

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  1. Games I never receive the arcade all the money

    I liked my twitch prime with
    Games I never receive the arcade all the money

    Haven’t received my twitch prime benefits neither and it’s been about two weeks


    I linked my twitch prime account to my rockstar account months ago!
    And today September 10 2019 I bay the bounty hunter ! Soups to be free for twitch prime account ?

    What can I do for recovery my gold back?
    Please help me?!

    I linked my Twitch Prime account to my Rockstar account and my Xbox account about month ago, I clicked to claim the awards, and I have still not received any of the awards.


    I claimed my twitch prime reward with the carcano rifle like 5 days ago and still haven’t gotten it


    Same problem here…..
    When i log in, the msg that i won the stufs came up and i just got disconect… when i log back just have the bullets on my mail.
    No money, no gun no outfits….

    I didnt receive my ingame bonus items too.


    I got the gold and the bullets only
    No riffle and no outfit
    Something wrong

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