Unable to load saved games- and join multiplayer on The Wild Eight

Impressive and so far along i’m happy with my purchase. Really good job.
I understand this is an early access game and you probably already know about the bugs i am addressing. The only reason i’m writing is that i hope you are prioritize these bugs which are in my experience the most fatal ones.

The bugs
  1. Unable to load saved games.
    Whenever i have started a single player game i’m unable to continue that game later on. When i try to resume i get a black screen but my character is responsive to mouse-clicks when i press mouse 1 or mouse 2.
  2. Unable to join multiplayer games. I get a blue-ish kind of screen and unable to get passed that. This blue-ish-screen occurs after i selected my character.

Thank you for your time. Keep up the good work.

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