Unable to open file in Protected View Excel, Word

I downloaded the file from the mail, they sent it to work. The person says that it opens without problems, but every time I get the error “Could not open the file in Protected View.” At what the problem is characteristic both for Word, and for Excel. I don’t really understand what the error is talking about, and even more so what needs to be done.


Hello! Such a problem can periodically appear for everyone, but it is solved quite simply. There are a few simple steps, one of them is very likely to work:

  • Rename file. Just change the name for the file, it should work.
  • Unlock document. Right-click on the file, go to “Properties” and check the “Unlock” box.
  • Force Excel to open the file. The idea is to allow all types of files to be handled in a protected manner. This is included in “File” – “Options” – “Trust Center” – “Trust Center Settings” – “File Block Settings”. Here you need to set flags in all checkboxes.
  • Disable Protected View. You can simply turn off this mode, and the error will definitely go away. To do this, in Excel or Word, click on the “File” button and from the drop-down menu go to “Options”. On the Trust Center tab, select Trust Center Settings. Select the “Protected View” tab and remove all checkmarks from the items on the right side of the screen.
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