Update Hairstyle Daily is silly. Why you do this to us Rockstar?

Am I the only one here who thinks this daily quest is completely useless for some people?My character is using a hairstyle at the moment that had cost me 2 gold.So if I change my hairstyle I will kinda loose this spent money.And whad do I get in return?Without that 3 weeks daily bonus I get 0.2 Gold + 1 Gold for doing all dailys in return for spending 2 Gold.So even with the 7 daily bonus I get less than I spent.This makes no sense to me at all.Why can’t they make it that you can change any part of your facial appearance instead?I hope I’m not the only one who think this makes no sense, is anyone here with me?

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Good to know about the camp style thing. I was afraid of buying that thinking that I will have to pay again for the old one to go back to it. I definitely agree about the hairstyle quest though. They should either remove this particular quest once and for all, or apply a discount on the hairstyles you had before. ========================= I don’t think it is that much of a deal with a camp style because you only have to pay for the style once. Then you can change it whenever you want without having to pay for it again.That… Read more »