User-Generated Content Suspension, but why?

So i received 2 emails about some violation of the conduct code that it suppose to be posted here but this page is empty and it tells me that my social club content is wrong, but i’m not sure what could that be, i only posted photos with my character, nothing wrong, vulgarity, graphic violence, sexuality, hate speech, harassment, violates the privacy of our users, or impersonates someone else including Rockstar Games employees as the email tells me that it did, maybe this is not all but i’m sure that there was nothing wrong with some selfies made in Blackwater on Red Dead Online with my own character. Ok, this was the first email, 3 minutes after that i received other email that tells me that User-Generated Content Suspension – Temporary, again it tells me that i broke the rules from here , and the page is empty. I did nothing wrong and i get suspended for some photos in game, why? how?

I made a ticket but that will take a while and most likely will be for nothing, what was wrong with in game pictures of my character? why i was notified about that and after 3 minutes i got suspended, at least announce me about what i did wrong so i could fix it even if i did nothing wrong, does anyone have any information about this?

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I know why i got that 7 days ban, it was because of “hate speech”, i just said some bad words to someone who was not playing fair, and that got be banned for 7 days then and other 30 now, first time i was not sure why but now i know for sure 🙂 never PM some again, other thing that might cause this is the name of the posse in RDR Online, avatar or the name of player, if this is against EULA or it has “bad words” in it it will get you banned. I am not… Read more »