How to Fix Valorant VAN 0 Error?

Due to the error VAN 0 I cannot start Valorant. It says that there was a connection error and suggests me to restart the Riot launcher along with the game. Well, I did, but nothing has changed. Tried to restart the router, but no results.


The VAN 0 error, as its message says, is solved by a simple restart of the Riot Games client and the Valorant itself. Nevertheless, the developers should have specified, that not only the client must be closed, but all its processes in Task Manager as well.

Actually, that’s why you don’t see any results, because some processes of the Riot client were still running in the background of the system. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC on your keyboard to open Task Manager and close all the processes related to Riot Games and Valorant.

After this simple procedure the VAN 0 error should disappear.

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