How Should I Fix Valorant VAN 104 Error?

I launched Valorant, and then the error 104 popped up. To be more precise, it was -104. Not sure if that’s a minus or a dash. I think it says to restart the game client, but it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s a servers problem? issue? Something else maybe?


The Valorant 104 error can indeed be fixed by completely (!) restarting the Riot client. No, we’re not talking about closing the game client in the usual way, but terminating all its processes in the Task Manager.

  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+ECS to open Task Manager;
  • find the Riot Client task in the list;
  • click on the task with RMB and select Close Task;
  • run the client and Valorant again.

This time, error 104 (-104 to be exact) will not appear in Valorant.

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