Valorant VAN 9002 Error – How to Fix?

VAN 9002 pops up every time I launch Valorant! A small window appears with some nonsense which I do not understand. I saw the letters CFG in brackets, but I don’t know what those mean. Can you help me?


The VAN 9002 error signals to the player that the control flow guard (CFG) is disabled in his system, and Valorant will not work without it. To get rid of the error, just do the following:

  • press WIN+S and type in the query Exploit protection;
  • make sure that all settings, including CFG, are set to Use default (On);
  • remove everything related to Riot Games from the Program settings tab;
  • restart your PC.

The VAN 9002 error should stop appearing the next time you start Valorant.

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