VAN 152 in Valorant – can it be fixed?

So, a VAN 152 appeared in front of me in Valorant. There seems to be some kind of connection error or something like that. Am I banned by any chance? It would be very unpleasant if it’s really a ban notice. And no, I’m not a cheater and I haven’t installed any cheat software either. I don’t understand a thing, but I would like to know, if it fixable or not.


The VAN 152 error in Valorant is an extremely complex problem: it is a so-called player hardware IP (HWID) ban. It happens when Vanguard, a proprietary anti-cheat from Riot Games, detects traces of any third-party/cheater software on the player’s computer, and bans the latter based on its special ID.

And no, not only cheaters can get such an error. Quite often it is received by innocent players. But what is the cause of it? Usually, it’s because of the software working in the background of the system, for example FPS boosters, various overlay applications like RivaTuner, MSI Afterburner and the like.

Fixing VAN 152 error in Valorant

  • Re-starting the Riot client. The most trivial but nevertheless most effective solution. It is possible that the 152 error is a result of a bug in the Riot client. Be sure to close all client processes via Task Manager, and only then open it the usual way! As an alternative, you can simply restart your PC.
    Contacting Riot support. If this is not a bug, then you are practically 100% banned. In other words, you cannot do anything without the help of the support team. Go to the official Riot support page and fill out a request (ticket), explaining your situation as clearly as possible. If you used any software on your system that might have potentially caused a ban, be sure to mention it in the ticket. Developers need to know that you are not cheater and that you got the ban by accident.

There is no other option to fix the VAN 152 in Valorant. If it’s not a bug – it’s a ban, which you need to try to remove. Or you can start from the beginning on a new account.

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