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Various connection problems on XBox One…

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I’m having several problems since the latest update:

  • My camp is currently stuck “pitching.”  Has been for over 30 minutes.  Restart game has no effect.
  • In many cases my moonshine shack is inaccessible.  I press “Y” to enter and am stuck for 30s to 10min before I  change maps.
  • One time there were no NPCs in my shack.  Walking downstairs to the basement crashed the game in this case.
  • One time I was unable to mount my horse.  My character would approach the horse and become unresponsive for 5-10 seconds.  I had to run away from the horse and respawn it to recover.
  • Multiple times my camp would not spawn when I came to it.  It showed the blue camp icon on the map.  When I arrived at camp, nothing happened.  In some cases it would recover in 10s.  In others, it never did.

My connection is solid so I can only assume this is a problem on the RDR2 servers.  The service status shows green.  So I’m confused.  Anyone else having similar issues?

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  1. Problems continuing today… took a moonshine delivery mission and have been sitting at the black loading screen for over 5 minutes.  Service status still shows green.  My connection is still good.


    Started a batch of moonshine… then went hunting while it cooked.  Came back 45 minutes later and the cook percentage was 0.  More fun issues!


    My favorite bug today?  My hunting wagon broke and the horse ran away.  Whistled for it.  My normal horse arrived.  I mounted him.  He couldn’t move.  Got off and back on.  Same.  Had to restart the game again.

    Honestly.  Fire your QA.  Hire skilled employees.  I spend more time rebooting the game than playing most days.  This is unacceptable for a AAA game.  Shame on you, rockstar, for putting your B team on this.

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