Various connection problems on XBox One…

I’m having several problems since the latest update:

  • My camp is currently stuck “pitching.”  Has been for over 30 minutes.  Restart game has no effect.
  • In many cases my moonshine shack is inaccessible.  I press “Y” to enter and am stuck for 30s to 10min before I  change maps.
  • One time there were no NPCs in my shack.  Walking downstairs to the basement crashed the game in this case.
  • One time I was unable to mount my horse.  My character would approach the horse and become unresponsive for 5-10 seconds.  I had to run away from the horse and respawn it to recover.
  • Multiple times my camp would not spawn when I came to it.  It showed the blue camp icon on the map.  When I arrived at camp, nothing happened.  In some cases it would recover in 10s.  In others, it never did.

My connection is solid so I can only assume this is a problem on the RDR2 servers.  The service status shows green.  So I’m confused.  Anyone else having similar issues?

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