Verifying DMI Pool Data on PC Startup

Guys, help me get rid of Verifying DMI Pool Data! I got this message when I start up my computer! I am using my phone right now, because I don’t want to risk making it worse. Everything was fine, I was playing Elden Ring for a few days straight (new expansion pack came out) and then I decided to turn on my PC and this error appeared. I’m familiar with blue screens of death, but this… something completely different.


The Verifying DMI Pool Data message itself is not an error, but it tells the user that the PC hardware configuration data is being scanned and then transferred from the BIOS/UEFI to the operating system. This procedure is performed every time you start the system.

So, if something goes wrong during this process, the user sees a frozen message Verifying DMI Pool Data. Simply put, this is not a critical error. How to fix it? Try the following:

  • disconnect all peripherals (mouse, keyboard, speakers, USB storage)
  • and recently added hardware such as an extra SSD/HDD, RAM, etc. from the system;
  • if you have several disks in your system, set the disk with the OS as the main one in the Boot Priority section;
  • reset your BIOS/UEFI settings;
  • reconnect all the equipment inside your PC;
  • disconnect any additional disks from your motherboard;
  • try to restore the OS using the installation media or completely reinstall it.

Some of these steps should get rid of Verifying DMI Pool Data and restore proper Windows startup.

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