Weight won’t rise

I’m level 38 now, and still stuck on Underweight since level 1. It just fluctuates by itself in between Underweight in white font and Underweight in red font. I’m on PS4 original. I go hunting for a very long time and sit and cook food for literally about 45 minutes every couple of days. As you eat, you hear a ching sound loud, then a softer ching and then nothing but a thud sound for the rest of the time you are sitting there cooking and eating. It was tough leaving Underweight in singleplayer as well, I had eaten around 30 or 40 5 dollar meals at the bar, but in online I can find no meals and anything hunted does nothing to the weight. Some secret involving the bizarre sound effects? All I know is I keep dying with one shot and unintentionally ruining missions.

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Weight problem The act of keeping body weight up is not performing well. I have to eat  all game day/night, every game day/night. The reason I have to eat like a pig instead of actually having a productive day is because, if I don’t eat for a day, I fall underweight quickly (especially with Marston) and my stats begin to deteriorate. I heard there is supposed to possibly get overweight. In all actuality that isn’t true. I have not found a way to become overweight and also have a productive day in this game. This is really taking away the… Read more »