How to Fix wfs.exe Error on Windows 11?

New PC on Windows 11 and I get a message that the wfs.exe file is missing from the System32 folder (which is on C). I searched half of the Internet, then someone suggested that I should just activate faxes and scan in the components (control panel). Problem is, there is no such thing there. So, what should I do?


The wfs.exe file error is a very common issue for Windows 11 users. Typically, this problem is caused by the fact that the Windows Fax and Scan app is not installed in the OS.

  • Open Settings→Applications→Optional features;
  • type Fax in the search box;
  • select Windows Fax and Scan from the list;
  • click on Install button.

After this, the error with the missing wfs.exe file will be fixed.

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